InstaGrill portable smokeless barbecue

Smokeless barbecue for your table

InstaGrill is a unique and innovative grill

This appliance has completely revolutionized the barbeque as we know it. The idea was to make the grill more practical and easy to use, portable, and ideal both indoors and out.

Available in 4 colors

Smokeless table Barbecue Anthracite


Smokeless table Barbecue Orange


Smokeless table Barbecue yellow


Smokeless table Barbecue Green


What are the main characteristics of this barbeque?

  • Easy to use both indoors and outdoors
  • SMOKELESS system guarantees little or no smoke
  • Ready to cook in just 4 minutes, thanks to its ventilation system
  • Variable ventilation speed settings make it possible to adjust heat intensity
  • Uses up to 50% less charcoal: cook for 50 to 100min with only 200/250g
  • Works with 4 AA batteries or external power bank
  • Outer surface will never become too hot thanks to its heat dispersion system
  • Easy to clean, all parts may be washed in the dishwasher

Where can I use it?

This barbeque is perfect to use in your home, garden, camper, boat, on a pic-nic…wherever you like!

Instagrill can be used at home or in a camper or boat
Travel bag included

Comes with transport bag

Easy to bring with you, thanks to its small size and bag

Height: 22cm
Total Diameter: 36cm
Grill Diameter: 34cm
Weight: 4kg

Never out of power

InstaGrill comes with a USB cable, to allow you to hook it up to a power bank or wall socket. IstaGrill original PowerBank provides up to 5h of power at the maximum fan speed.

InstaGrill Power Bank
USB cable
Beech and holm oak Charcoal

Beech and holm oak Charcoal

A mix of coal to get the most out of your grill

Our Bio Vegetable Charcoal is produced with the ancient technique of “charcoal” guaranteeing the absence of chemical additives during the process and also during the growth of plants. The mix we have chosen makes it possible to have a quick ignition thanks to the beech, and a longer life and heat emission thanks to the holm oak, combined with a very low or totally no smoke emission.