High-speed blenders


Cos’è il Frullatore e quali sono le principali funzioni?

The blender is a kitchen appliance conceived in the USA in the 1920s, initially used by restaurateurs to mix foods. Over the following 30 years the blender evolved and its functions increased, becoming more and more common as a household appliance. Today, thanks to advances in technology, it has become truly versatile, with functions able to prepare several different kinds of recipes.

A blender’s main functions are:

  • Blending foods to make Smoothies or juice
  • Grinding ice, coffee or cereal
  • Preparing sauces and vegan milk substitutes of any kind
  • Whipping cream or mixing dough

Additional features of a multi-function kitchen robot

With a multi-function kitchen robot, the possibilities are endless. In fact, with this sort of appliance, it is possible to cook foods, up to a temperature of 100°C. This important function is united with a number of additional features which make it possible to prepare all sorts of recipes, such as:

  • Soup, stew and puree, made with meat, fish or veggies
  • Baby food
  • Porridge, or other cereal-based recipes
  • Mixtures of any kind, for veggie patties, etc.

Products available

High speed professional VIVO Blender

High Speed Blender

This kind of blender features classic functions, such as grinding, mixing and blending and can be set to 4 different speeds, as well as to Pulse


Professional Multi-function high speed blender

Multi-function Blender

A leap up from the traditional blender, with 7 automatic functions to cook and prepare any recipe you desire.


What are VIVO Blender main characteristics?