Multi Function Blender

Principali caratteristiche del Frullatore Multifuzione

VIVO multifunction kitchen robot is an essential appliance for mixing, blending, griding, preparing baby foods, making stews or soups. Thanks to its characteristics, it is ideal for household cooking. VIVO is also perfect for a healthy diet. In fact, with VIVO, you will be able to eat more fruit and vegetables, avoiding prepared foods which are usually made with low-quality ingredients and are excessively processed.


Which are the main function of the multi function blendes

  • Blending fruit, milk or yogurt to make milkshakes, smoothies, or ice cream
  • Making soups and stews with veggies, fish or meat
  • Preparing baby food
  • Mixing and grinding ice, to make cocktails like Margaritas or Pina coladas
  • Emulsifying ingredients for fine cooking
  • Grinding spices, seeds and nuts
  • Mixing flours with or without water





Automatic Blender’s a cooking functions

Function – Juice

Juice program is usually used for juice or smoothie. This function
don’t provide heating functionality, just blend with medium/high
blending power to obtain a smooth compound.

Function – Crush

Crush program is perfect for crushing ice cube, coffee, cereal or grind every kind of dry food making many type of flour.

Function – SoyMilk

This program is projected to realize a smooth Soy Milk or any
other milk plant, paying attention in using the correct proportion
between ingredients.

Function – Soup

Soup program is mostly used for velvet or soup with vegetables,
meat or fish. This function provides thick and smooth compound
with the longer cooking timing,

Function – Porridge

This program is specific for Porridge, or other preparation with
milk, oats or rice. In this function the blending power is very low
to provide a grainy texture.

Funtion – Grain

Grain program, is used for soup or velvet with beans, legumes
or cereal as main ingredients. Blending and heating intensity are
optimized for that kind of food.

Function – Paste

Paste program is very useful for homogenizing and cooking rice
and vegetables based dishes. This program provides a powerfull
blending for a very smooth result.

Function – Touch

Touch function well know as Pulse or Manual function provides
high blending power, and no heating. To use this function you
need to hold the finger on the button until you want to stop it.